Friday, September 3, 2010

Industry experts say natural candles will be the next "BIG BOOM"

Let us look at Recent Data on the Candle Industry
•Candles are a $2 Plus Billion Industry and Growing
•Candles are burned in 80% or more of all homes in USA
•Candle use has increased since 9/11

People burn candles to:
•Put themselves in a good mood
•Create a romantic environment
•Relieve stress

Brand Name Recognition
"Have you ever burned a Mia Bella Candle?" Independent distributors and their customers are repeating that simple question all over the US and Canada. As the Mia Bella Candle develops name brand recognition, the potential for this product to convert a huge percentage of the current candle-buying consumer gets bigger and better every day.

What if, in the next 5 years, only 10% of those buyers switched to Mia Bella? The potential is huge because of the quality of the product and because "word of mouth" marketing can create that market demand much quicker than other forms of distribution!

Company Check List
There are five essential characteristics that a company must have to survive in this industry. As I go through these five areas, take note and see if what you have done before you might find that one or more of these areas were missing or lacking, thereby reducing your possibilities of success. Let us list them and see how Scent-Sations stacks up.

1) Low Unit Cost - In other words, a broad segment of the American population must be able to afford these products.
2) Highly Consumable Product - You must be able to make a sale and have the product get used up or consumed and re-purchased repeatedly by the same consumer.
3) Mystique or exclusivity - That is to say, you cannot run down to your local Wal-Mart and buy this same quality of product at the same price or less money.
4) Adequate Management Team - Proven leaders who have been there and done that and are willing to bring on qualified people to build a worldwide company.
5) Adequate profit margin - To fund both the company and the distributor's network.

How Does Scent-Sations Stack Up?
1) Does it have Low Unit Cost? Cost is within the reach of every American family and right in line with best selling competitors.
2) Is it highly consumable? You be the judge.
3) Mystique or Exclusivity? Formula that nobody else has that allows candle to burn clean and at same time holds fragrance.
4) Adequate management? Integrity and a desire to help people make money is the driving force behind our company. Years of experience in the field as distributors has given Bobby and Charlie the experience and empathy for the distributors challenges. They know what we do and know what it takes to build a business. They also know how to run a business. They put a lot of time and effort into making things right for us.
5) Adequate profit margin? 100% markup - Unheard of in most network marketing or direct sales opportunities! How about getting paid on 10% of the commissionable volume of every person you sponsor and 5% on every person they sponsor, and 5, 5, 5, and a whopping 10% on level 6.

How You Are Paid
1. Retail
There are so many ways to retail Mia Bella Candles and other Scent-Sations products. Here are a few:

Home Parties: This is turning out to be one of the most pleasant surprises of our program. At first, we heard from distributors with absolutely no home party experience doing over $1,000 in a single home party but now we are also attracting distributors simply because our home party business is so easy to do and so much more lucrative than traditional home party companies. Why? Because we allow you to literally double your money when you sell Mia Bella candles!

Shows/Booths: Many of our distributors are doing small and big shows and booths and they are having incredible success at not only making huge retail profits but also signing on new distributors directly at those shows!

Three Foot Rule: (walking and talking) the smell and sell program. It does not get any easier than this. Simply ask anyone if he or she burns scented candles and when you get a yes, open the top from your Mia Bella and do the "smell and sell" demonstration! Talk about putting money in your pocket with ease and comfort!

2. Fund-Raisers
Many network marketing companies have tried to get into the fund-raising arena but not many have succeeded simply because of the pricing of their products. Mia Bella represents a product that is not only highly competitive in the fund-raising market but also represents one of the hottest products in fund-raising... candles!

We are already seeing distributors who are putting together fund-raisers that are selling hundreds of candles. In fact, on our company website we feature a story about a young high school girl whose group earned over $3,000 in profits in one small fund-raiser!

The potential for distributors to earn incredible part time AND even full time income in fund-raising alone is available thru this program!

3. Sponsoring and Team Building
PHASES OF GROWTH IN NETWORK MARKETING: Many people are under the impression that the ONLY time to get involved in a network marketing program is at the very beginning. Well, the truth is that this is probably one of the WORST times to get involved.

There is no product, company or income recognition during the first 18 months of a company's growth. The 2nd phase of growth is usually one of the best times to get involved and Scent Sations has just entered that phase of growth. We are already seeing record-breaking volumes and sign ups each month because we have entered this stage of growth.

As we go thru our 2nd and 3rd stage of growth into momentum we will see a consistent upward growth and people who never dreamed of being successful in this kind of business will see themselves earning more money, meeting more incredible people and traveling to more luxurious places in the next 5 years than they could have had happen in a lifetime without it!