Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Types of People in MLM

This is from an email from Charlie Umphred and worthy of my sharing with others.  It's consistent with my philosophy and experience in network marketing.


I have been an MLM professional since 1990. I got my start in MLM in 1986 when I enrolled as a wholesale buyer in a very young company called Nuskin. I simply
wanted to get some of their products at wholesale.

In 1988, I got the MLM bug and decided to work the "opportunity" of Nuskin, where I learned to talk about money, financial freedom, escaping the rat race, work from home, earn more money monthly than you used to yearly......blah blah blah...all of the "magic" MLM words that caught the attention of those looking for fulfill the dream.

In my 20+ years in MLM, I have watched several types of people in MLM. 

#1 Those who don't last long! Yep, like in all things that require effort, this group makes up the largest percentage of people I have met in MLM! What got into them that made them believe for even a moment that they could take absolutely no skills and turn them into gold in less than one week, is beyond me, but they came in droves in the 80s and 90s and just as many of them will come in droves in the 21st century....YOU cannot worry about them...they are part of your business. If you are smart, you will get a copy of their list within the first 48 hours of their enrolling so YOU can make the calls that they will never make!

Example: There you sit, looking at this list of 45 names that your new enrollee gave you just 3 weeks ago. On it are names and phone numbers of that newbie's friend list. Unfortunately, Newbie already quit before calling any of them! What can you do?
1.  Pick up the phone and dial the first number;
2.  (Ring ring ring)  Hello.  Hi Julie!  This is Charlie Umphred. We have a mutual friend in Jimmy Kenny. Jimmy and I did some business together and I asked him for some names of people he knew and you were on top of the list. I just called to see if you are open to look at other ways of making money.

Alternative call
Bottom UP system...."I'm calling to ask you if you burned scented candles in your home? (If yes, go into your story and see if she is looking)

#2 Those who simply want to get the products at wholesale...Again a huge group of people who will come into your biz. YOU can ask them to provide you with a list, you can make the calls and if you want to enroll them under your wholesale buyer, great, its added volume for you and it may get your wholesale buyer in the biz mode quicker but it also may find you a hot molecule on your 2nd level who will build you a dynasty! Provided your company continues to offer unique state of the art products, you might find the wholesale buyer in your downline for years!

#3 The part timer looking for extra money....we have covered working with them

#4 The eventual full timer looking to make a fortune
(the smallest percentage of people in any group)
#5 The "If one MLM is good, then multiple MLMs must be better!"
I see this all the time in MLM. I am here to tell you that you cannot build a fulltime business by focusing your attention on more than one MLM. Therefore, if you are looking for long-term residual income you must pick your company, trust they will stay in business over the long haul and build and build and build for life. 

When I look at someone's Facebook site and there are multiple MLM websites there, I know this person will not be a "player" in his/her MLM program so if I want to build big, why should I want to enroll under him/her.

Most MLM companies do not have a problem with you working in more than one MLM but with the growth of the internet and social marketing sites, you are going to see a movement away from this. Already Nuskin has a policy that says if you work more than one MLM program they will only pay you for two levels.

Many MLM companies state in their policies that you can work more than one MLM program but if you are earning commissions, they have policies that will not allow you to show up publicly in another MLM program.

This is because the internet has allowed MLM distributors to cross borders very quickly and if an MLM distributor has reached a leadership position in a company and opts to "retire", collect a big commission check, ignore their current distributor team and build another group in another program it becomes knowledge very quickly which is very bad for business and creates a huge amount of negative controversy in the program where that person has retired.

Over time, you will see more policies similar to Nuskin.

If you are looking to build long-term residual income, you MUST put your eggs in one MLM basket. It's just the way it is. You will not be able to work multiple MLM programs at the leadership level. Companies will not allow it to happen, most especially with the internet making you an instant billboard all across the nation and in the eyes of all the people who "used" to count on you for leadership!