Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Ticked Off!!!

Before I share exactly what it is that ticked me off, I have to share the source of my anger.  The below dialogue is from an email to all members of a group I belong to.  Out of professional courtesy, I will not divulge the individual nor the company they were promoting.  So first, read the post so you will understand what I'm ticked off about.

----Beginning of post------

Dear Friend,

Did you find success in 2010? If you did we congratulate you. Many people did not....oh they tried but there are a lot of bad deals out there.

Many people spent a lot of money and believed all the hype they were told only to find out to late that the only people that made any money were the people at the top that started those deals.

Here are two questions that I always tell people to ask when looking at an opportunity.....

1. Can I or anyone that I introduce to this opportunity lose any money? If your investment no matter if it is $1.00 or a $1,000.00 is not protected by a 100% money back guarantee then you have to question the credibility of that company.

2. Do I get value delivered to my front door for my initial investment? You see if what gets delivered to your front door is not worth what they charged you to get involved then it is probably a recruiting scheme where the good recruiters get all the money and its always at the expense of you and I that came on board to late.

Lets start 2011 off with a fresh start. We have been with the same company for over 10 years and each month they send us more money then we can spend.

We were fortunate 10 tears ago to have a mentor that showed us what to do and how to do it. He and I started the XXXXXXXXXXX a support group that Mentors its members to success.

We will except 10 people that we will personally Mentor for 2011 .... Will that guarantee your success .... No ... but it will give you a lot better chance.

Here is the link where you can check out how the members of the XXXXXXXXXXX utilize Facebook to find prospects.....


Lets connect, leave me your info on the site and let see if together we can make 2011 a lot better for you and yours then 2010 was.

To Your Success,

---------End of post----------

Have you figured out why I'm ticked off?  In his "2 questions to evaluate a company", he suggests you question the credibility of a company if it doesn't offer a 100% money back guarantee.  I'm assuming he is referring to a guarantee of your success.  People, only YOU can guarantee your success regardless of what company you are involved with.  I am so tired of individuals who try to influence people by degrading others.  These are the people who continue to give the industry of network marketing a bad reputation.  And the reference to "schemes" does nothing more than to hurt the image of all company's, both legitimate and not, within the network marketing industry. here's what REALLY ticked me off.  After making the suggestion in item 1. above, this person makes the statement in the final comments of the post, "We will except 10 people that we will personally Mentor for 2011 .... Will that guarantee your success .... No ... but it will give you a lot better chance."  HOW CONTRADICTORY IS THAT OF A POSITION TO TAKE?  You should question the credibility of another company if they don't offer a 100% money back guarantee, but yet you can't make the guarantee yourself?  Did this person NOT take time to read this post and think about the logic of it prior to sending it out?  Apparently not.  The grammar and spelling alone prove that.

Folks, when you are prospecting or not, don't down other companies.  FOCUS on what your company offers, its products or services, its comp plan, etc., and how the other person will benefit from being a part of that opportunity.

Make it an awesome day!
Darren Sanford