Saturday, December 4, 2010

Working multiple companies

After viewing and listening to a couple webinars this week, I had a revelation I wanted to share.
I know many people are involved in more than one network marketing company and during the course of these webinars two things in particular stood out to me.
First, with regard to joining multiple company's, if your main reason is for personal consumption at distributor pricing or you have a desire to offer different products that's one thing.  But if it's because you aren't doing well in another company, you might consider whether it's the company, the product or YOU.  In other words, don't hop from one company to another thinking that the next one is going to make you rich overnight.  It ain't gonna happen.  Focus on learning to do one company and doing it well.
Second, if you are prospecting/team building you should focus on a single company with which to do this.  Obviously, a comparison of the advantages of building a team with respect to each company should be made and the best business decision should influence which you go with.  Team build (to brand new prospects who do not yet know you) with one company only and here's why.  If you are trying to build a team with multiple company's at the same time, same venue, etc., it's going to be more difficult than ever.  The rationale, as you probably already know, is why would someone want to join you with Company X if you're having to work multiple companies to make a living.
We all lose site of the forest for the trees at times (I know I do) and I just thought this might be a good reminder for everyone.