Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Are you a leader or a distributor?

Every network marketer wishes that he had a massive organization and more leaders in his group. Life would be wonderful. The bonus checks would be too heavy to carry. And, he could watch cable television 24 hours every day.

So why not take a shortcut to build your network marketing business? The fastest way to build a large organization is through the help of leaders.

We can't build a very large network marketing organization on our own if we only sponsor distributors. Our time is limited. We can only service so many distributors and their problems. Even the best distributors need some service and help.

The way to multiply our efforts is to create leaders who can take care of their own groups. Duplicating ourselves by creating new leaders is the only way to build a large, massive organization.

Then where do we begin?

First, let's define the difference between a network marketing leader and a distributor.

Distributors are temporary. They come and go in our business. Sometimes they work hard and build groups, and other times they may continue as a wholesale user of the product, or even quit. And it's okay that distributors are temporary. They should have the right to come and take out of our business what they want.

For instance, here are some things distributors want from our business:

* The ability to save on their personal purchases.

* A chance to make retail sales and profits.

* A feeling of belonging to a positive group of people.

* A chance to develop personally.

* Some quick checks to pay off the VISA bill.

* A part-time income to put a child through college.

* Car payments.

* Enough money for that one dream vacation.

All these reasons to be a distributor are good. We should support and service our distributors to reach these goals. However, the truth is that this support and service should only take 10 or 20% of our time. Why?

Because distributors don't want or need a lot of support.

Some distributors say, 'Oh, don't keep calling me about those opportunity meetings. And I'm not interested in those training meetings either. Call me when the president comes to town, or if the company introduces a new product. Otherwise, leave me alone.'

That's okay. We only want to help distributors get what they want out of our business. We don't want to push our agenda on them. They'll appreciate that we respect them as adults and let them choose their own goals.

But remember, your distributors only have a temporary commitment. When the newspaper writes a bad article about your company, your distributor might leave. Or when the home office forgets to return the distributor's phone call, again, the distributor might quit. Or maybe a little bit of rejection from prospects will quickly end your distributor's career.

Distributors come and go, but leaders are the real thing.

Okay, we all know that leaders are more important than distributors. Most distributors are temporary and have a temporary commitment toward your business - and that's not bad. Like all of us, they're going to take what they want and then get on with their lives. 

But leaders are going to stay with you and your business for a long time. So which would you rather have - one leader or 100 distributors?

That's easy for us to answer. One leader!

However, you might be thinking, 'Yeah, having one leader is great, but maybe 100 distributors would give me some pretty good bonus checks.'

The problem is that we'll have to replace those 100 distributors as time goes on, and instead of building this residual income that we talk about, we end up with just a full-time job replacing distributors.

Why not spend the next day or two analyzing your organization? Determine how many leaders you have and how your business will be affected if you put more focus on building and training those leaders.