Sunday, January 2, 2011

Introducing Dermal Renu Anti-Aging Skincare

1. 60-day Anti-Aging Skin Care System – This 60-day system with EnduriVeil® Continuous Release Technology is clinically proven to address all the critical signs of skin aging. 100% of users tested noticed reduced fine lines and wrinkles and an improvement in their skin’s smoothness just after 12 weeks. Say goodbye to toners, serums, moisturizers and all other skin care products. Dermal Renu is the only skin care system you need for younger, healthier looking skin.

2. CLEANSTART - This low-foaming purifying cleanser, rich in the radiant energy of botanical extracts, gently removes impurities while maintaining your skin's healthy balance of natural oils. Leaves your skin clean, refreshed, and prepared for optimum benefits of both DAYSHIELD and NIGHTRESTORE treatments.

3. DAYSHIELD - DAYSHIELD offers an array of vital nutrients in a light, non-greasy formula to bring your skin to a naturally healthy state and looking vibrant. Through our revolutionary EnduriVeil® Continuous Release Technology, a unique combination of active ingredients including premium moisture elements, protects, restores, and repairs your skin for a noticeably more youthful glow.

4. NIGHTRESTORE - NIGHTRESTORE is enriched with revitalizing antioxidants and intense moisture enhancers, essential to the recovery and protection of your skin's health. Our exclusive EnduriVeil® Continuous Release Technology delivers a higher concentration of our unique combination of ingredients to continuously repair damage and restore your skin's youthfulness as you sleep.

5. SMOOTHREVEAL - This gentle exfoliating gel is luxuriously formulated to renew, refresh, and rejuvenate your skin by enhancing collagen production and even skin pigmentation. Non-damaging jojoba beads not only lift away dirt and dead skin cells, but retain moisture, leaving your skin soft, smooth, and balanced.

6. SUNSHIELD - As an essential complement to the Dermal Renu® Anti-Aging Skin Care System, SUNSHIELD is proven to protect your face from both harmful UVA/UVB rays. This light weight, water resistant, mineral based sunscreen, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, while antioxidants fight against skin damage, giving your skin a youthful radiance.

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