Wednesday, February 9, 2011

5 new uses for a paper doily

1. Cake Decoration
You baked the cake. Now you're expected to frost it, too? Take a break from the sticky stuff and use a doily to stencil on a pretty sugar topping. Press a doily flat on top of a round cake and, using a fine-mesh sieve, sprinkle confectioners' sugar liberally over the surface. Use two hands to carefully remove the doily post-dusting.  

2. Travel Earring Holder
Keep track of your favorite stud earrings when traveling by fastening them through a doily's tiny holes. Then lay the doily flat in your suitcase.

3. Cupcake Holder
Those cute patterns on cup-cake liners are there one minute, gone the next -- they virtually disappear in the oven. For a pretty touch, trim off the patterned edge of a large (12-inch) doily and wrap it around the cupcake liner. Seal with clear tape.

4. Candy Cone
Form a cone with a small (5-inch) doily, secure with tape, and fill with candy and treats. The lacy server is a sweet upgrade for the next time you have a gathering.

5. Tote-Bag Art
Jazz up a canvas tote by securing a doily to it with adhesive spray, scalloped-side up, then gently painting over the holes with fabric paint. Remove the doily and let dry.