Friday, August 12, 2011

Evaluating A Direct Sales Company

When entering the Direct sales field, you should always do lots of research on the company you are going to promote. Check the direct sales company’s reputation, check the BBB background on the company, talk with other direct sales representatives, and find out everything you can. You want to make sure that this direct sales company is the right one for you and that you are the right one for them.

Research the start-up costs and costs that will incur for you to maintain your direct sales business through them. Most direct sales companies will have minimal start-up costs. The reason for low startup costs is because the company wants to make it easy for you to get started with them, they are not trying to make a profit off of your startup. A direct sales company that tries to profit from you signing up is not what you want. These companies are usually just pyramid schemes that don’t last very long.

Make sure your direct sales company does everything they can to help with your success. This does not mean they will hold your hand through the process, but it does mean that they have policies in place that will allow the salespeople to be the way that they make money. A good direct sales company will not allow retail sales of their products or services, they won’t allow the direct selling of their products online through Ebay or Craigslist or other online services. If they do allow these types of sales, your selling will be limited because there will always be someone selling through Ebay and Craigslist and undercutting you.

Look for a direct sales company that provides a solid performance compensation for you and people that join under you. Your income can be excellent with just the direct sales of the items or services you sell, but if you have the added bonus of being able to build an excellent team underneath of you, and the direct sales company compensates this fairly, you can create a powerful income vehicle. Once you get started with your direct sales business, you will realize that the income generated by your team can quickly overcome your own sales income. After you build a large team under you, and you help this team to be successful through training and informative help, you can actually slow your own sales down and still make a full time income.

Don’t join a company that you don’t believe in. This is a VERY important factor in determining which direct sales company is right for you. You must be excited about the product and the opportunity so you can pass on the excitement to your customers and clients. If you believe in the product and the company, you will feel confident about telling your friends, family, and complete strangers about it, with no regrets. Don’t be the person that sells something they don’t even own themselves; it won’t work in the long-run. Be true to yourself, be true to your company and the success will follow with the work you put into it.