Thursday, November 3, 2011

Keep Your Skin Looking Young With Dermal Renu

Nobody loves getting older, and one of the easiest ways to know your aging, is through wrinkly, loose skin. Keep yourself looking young year after year by taking proper care of your skin. Learn how to maintain your youthful look long after your youth.

Research now indicates a major contributor to skin aging is the process of glycation.

Glycation is a reaction between sugars and proteins that, over time, causes your skin to become stiff and less supple. Glycation causes significant damage to your skin's structure, leading to collagen depletion and loss of skin elasticity. As a result, noticeable signs of skin aging occur such as wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging.

In addition to having direct influence on skin aging, glycation also intensifies the negative effects of UV radiation and oxidation, accelerating the skin aging process.

Dermal Renu contains a unique combination of active ingredients proven to promote a healthy skin environment that effectively protects against glycation damage.

Most skin care products today promote rapid release and absorption for immediate results; however this approach is not the most effective way to treat aging skin. Wellness Formulations, LLC developed EnduriVeil® technology to provide a continuous release of active ingredients that are gradually absorbed deep into your skin all day and night, making it the most effective skin care treatment for long term results. 

Dermal Renu's EnduriVeil® technology creates a sheer veil over your skin that gradually releases a unique combination of active ingredients and nutrients. This effective delivery system moisturizes and treats while addressing the underlying causes of unhealthy skin such as oxidation and glycation. These factors contribute to critical elements of aging skin such as fine lines and wrinkles, dryness, uneven skin color and tone, and lack of firmness and elasticity.

As you continue to use Dermal Renu exclusively, you will experience skin that looks fresh, youthful, and alive.

The Dermal Renu system is composed of 5 products including Clean Start, Day Shield, Night Restore, Smooth Reveal and Sun Shield.

Making sure you take proper care of your skin is a great way to keep yourself looking young. While it does take a bit of work, the results will be well worth the effort.