Wednesday, May 25, 2011

21 Ways to Get the Most Out of Summer

Here's an interesting article I found and wanted to share with my readers.  What are you doing FUN this summer?

The calendar may say that summer doesn’t start for close to a month, but everyone knows that it really kicks off this weekend. To revel in the season of sun and sand, easy meals and breezy clothes, lazy days and firefly-lit nights, consult our guide packed with fun tips: how to (gracefully) get in and out of a hammock, how to make a lobster roll, how to tell a campfire ghost story. Even how to eat an ice cream cone without dripping (pick a vanilla-based flavor, for one thing; chocolate-based flavors melt faster). Plus, learn 23 tricks for beating the heat, which fans are our favorites, and great cool-down, refreshing summer recipes.

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