Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Power of Momentum

This is a great article I recently found and wanted to share with my readers.  Enjoy!

The Power of Momentum

by Jeff Olson

In my business, I coach people how to build large Network Marketing organizations one person at a time, by doing very simple, easy-to-do actions every day. I've found that it's far more effective to take one business-building action every day for a week, than to take seven, or ten, or even two dozen, all at once and then take the rest of the week off. People who do the first, week in and week out, build an organization; people who do the second, don't—even if they actually take a greater number of those business-building actions than the other people.

Why not? No momentum. After six days off, they have to start all over again, getting themselves geared up and inspired to get back into action. It can take a good amount of energy and initiative to get yourself started in a new activity—but it takes far, far less to keep yourself doing it once you've started.

There's another reason once a day is better than seven times, once a week: the daily rhythm of the thing starts to change you. It becomes part of your routine, and as it does, it becomes part of who you are. That doesn't happen with a once-in-a-while, all-out effort.

Imagine taking a twenty-minute brisk walk in the morning, and then in the late afternoon working out on a home gym for another twenty minutes. Now imagine for a week, you did that every day. How would you feel at the end of the week?

Now instead, what if on that first day you had taken a 140-minute walk (that's over two hours!) and that afternoon, spent another 140 minutes on the home gym—and then did nothing for the next six days?

The truth is, steady wins the race...

When you're in motion, it's also far easier to make positive changes in your direction. It's like steering a car: when the car's sitting still, moving the wheel is hard work, but when it's moving, even at only 10 or 20 mph, turning is a breeze. It's a breeze because you're already in the flow.

It's easy to stay active. It's also easy not to. And if you stop, it won't kill you today—but, that simple error in judgment, compounded over time, will absolutely destroy the getting of any goal you're after.

Therefore, to make the power of momentum work for you, instead of against you, stay in motion....

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