Monday, July 11, 2011

The Role of Money (An article by Mike Klinger)

My friend, Mike Klinger, posted this on his Facebook wall and I wanted to share it with my readers.  It's true on so many levels in the lives of all of us.  Enjoy!  I'd love to hear your feedback.

Many are "stuck" to a great extent because they are uncomfortable facing how significant of a role 'money' plays in their life--on their freedom of choices & life experience.

Thinking about attracting more money creates anxiety for most people who were raised in families that weren't "loaded" -- the emotional blocks are deeply conditioned in, even the associations most grew up with...Like "money is dirty or evil" and that people who have a lot of it are greedy, selfish, immoral or power hungry. Of course much of this came out of the understandable inferiority complex cultivated over generations ... but this is all deeply disempowering, keeping people from learning to operate freely and with CONFIDENCE (in this free market economy where money represents a person's value and options).

Money is energy, representing the number of people & extent of Value you give through your "work". Of course, when it's passed down from one wealthy family to another, and a person who possesses large quantities of it didn't learn the association between giving more to get more, we can see some divergence from this positive essence of capitalism...but in most cases, and with ponzi schemes (like today's banking system) aside, money is a representation of your contribution.

Having more of it doesn't make a person more greedy, unhappy, evil or immoral. Most often, having more money expands the essence of what a person already is experiencing before they had a lot of it. If one is happy it appears money brings more happiness because they have more power to choose more things that confirm what they already are (they give more, experience more...and experiencing more of these things are what make them happier). But if they are miserable it brings more misery. Again, money seems to be nothing more than a representation of energy.

Until a person develops a healthy relationship (and attitude) about money they will not be fully liberated in this culture that uses money to represent value exchanged. A healthy attitude toward money, and acknowledging its proportionate impact on your life experience (including your freedom of choices expanded) is an important part of a healthy existence and maturity.

If you are uncomfortable with the topic, image, or idea of money it will limit your ability to get more of it... and that will limit your ability to achieve goals or experience new things...or give.

If you desire to give more, create a new lifestyle, business or more life experience options (travel, more opportunities for your kids, etc)... then developing a healthy attitude toward money is key.

Remember, it's just a choice. One way (like choosing to make more/give more) isn't better than choosing to chill. This page is about helping reinforce that we make such life high-impacting decisions in awareness.